Current Projects

I've made a career pivot to focus on happiness. I'm now self-employed and focusing on content and community management.

420 Vapezone

As a long-time cannabis user I've become obsessed with dry herb vaporizers and these new-aged ways of (non) smoking weed. Dry herb vapes are a much better way to smoke weed. They're healthier, tastier, and they'll get you higher. I've been making vape review videos on youtube and covering the vape industry since 2016 on

Weber Kettle Club

I fell in love with vintage charcoal grills back in 2010. Weber made really cool colors through the 50s, 60s, and 70s that have become highly sought after today. WeberKettleClub formed in 2012 as a forum dedicated to Weber Charcoal Grill users and collectors. WKC community grew to over 30,000 members and eventually inspired Weber to begin releasing retro colors as Collectors Editions.

Coffee Gadgets

I love my gadgets and coffee has always been a hobby of mine. Coffee and caffeine play an important role in my day and I enjoy geeking out over the various ways to extract this magical bean water. I stopped reviewing coffee products because coffee grinders and coffee machines take up a lot of counter space and I'd rather devote my kitchen to other culinary flexibilities.